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Urban Explorer

About us and our new blogging platform for Bucharest hostels

Maybe not true explorers but definitely in love with travel around the world: this is our team at BOOK-A-REST and Crazy Duck Hostel. Let us introduce ourselves as travelers:

  • Andrei – former outgoing travel manager for almost 15 years, travel in 28 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America. My favorite destination remains Italy as I am crazy about their landscape, culture, food and wine – been from South Tirol in North till Sicily in South. My favorite place in the world in Nungwi Beach in Zanzibar. My best cultural experience was in Angkor, Cambodia. And the most intense experience was in Campeche, Mexico running from hurricane Wilma J Have I mentioned that my best party was in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil during Carnival time?
  • Adrian – just loves to travel in USA – from coast to coast. Of course he is crazy about New York and likes to stay at the beach in Florida. Traveled also in different European countries, interested in Greek and Italian cuisine. Now is just attending a trip to South East Asia in Thailand and Singapore.
  • Razvan – interested in adventure travel. Been in 2014 in Romanian team for Mongol Rally driving a VW Up from Prague to Ulaanbaatar passing through 16 countries. He came back with many pictures and travel impressions shared on . Now he is attending the Adventure Travel Fair in London looking after his next challenge.

Because of our background we love to be good hosts for any traveler in Bucharest. Our hostel Crazy Duck just want to be your home away from home when you come in our town. We know how important is for you to find a cozy room, good service, all requested travel information and of course to see a friendly face at the reception desk.

URBAN  EXPLORER is our new blog open project for all travelers and friends coming @ Crazy Duck Hostel in Bucharest and sustain all Bucharest hostels. Here we share our travel experiences and wait for you to do the same. Just send us your pictures and text and we’ll post it here linking to your blog or facebook page. Let’s grow a nice travelers community around the Duck :)

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