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Romania is not the cheapest destination in Europe but still is a backpacker paradise.

Romania is not the cheapest destination in Europe but still is a backpacker paradise.

If you’re looking for the European cafe culture during summer or want to stay in a nice historic village after a nice day of skiing in wintertime, this is where you can do both on a half of what you would spend further west.

Overall, Romania is a fantastic deal for mid-range travelers on vacation. A couple could get by on 40 or 50 EURO a day.  If you are going to spend over 100 EURO a day in Romania then you will really be living in style. Keep in mind though that Romania’s currency – Lei – fluctuates quite a bit during a year. Hotels are often priced in dollars or euros, but anything else you spend money on is not. The following Romania traveler prices were converted to euros at 4.5 lei.

A place to lay your head won’t hit your budget you too hard here except during summer on the Black Sea coast.

Talking about cheapest destination in Europe for summer this will probably be a mixture of Romanian cities and Bulgarian beach resorts.

Hostels beds in Romania come from as low as 5-6 EURO in some spots, but 9-12 EURO is the average. A private room can go from 20 EURO up to 35 EURO depending of the town and area. Hostel and traveler hotel owners will usually throw in breakfast or a few freebies to give them a leg up: beer, filtered water, Internet access, and maybe a welcome shot of Romanian tuica (traditional appetizer) .

In the countryside you may find alternative accommodation as monasteries rooms or mountain hiking trails huts at reasonable prices.

Find different hostels in Bucharest and countryside at

When talking about food you’ll see lots of stuffed cabbage rolls (sarmale), sausages, bland chicken and pork dishes, stews, salads made with mayonnaise, whole fish breaded and tossed in a pan, and soups seemingly made with whatever is lying around. It’s not easy being a vegetarian in Romania, though it gets better in the summer when more fresh veggies are available. On the plus side, it’s easy to find something filling for cheap. Many popular restaurants offer specials to lure you in. Set lunch menus with multiple courses are a good deal from as low as 7-8 EURO for a 3 course meal.

So, maybe not the cheapest destination in Europe but a really great deal for your holiday – this is Romania.

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