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We recommend our RollUp advertising production partners

We recommend our RollUp advertising production partners

Banner- rollup is a advertising company that offers quality and speed at an affordable price.

Banner Rollup – This is the main reason why we started, 3 years ago, a collaboration which we hope will last long and will provide for us as many benefits as before.

Besides offering services and quality products, that you can find on their website: banner-rollup, we ’ve  appreciated that the company is composed of young people,  full of initiative, focused on development, that find effective responses to the problems we face, in terms of visibility.

We also appreciate that they find creative ways to transmit our offers, which attract the attention of customers and our potential customers.

After 3 years of collaboration, they know exactly what we want when it comes to exhibition materials and is often enough to give them some ideas, they conceive graphics which surprise us every time.

We trust them because during these three years of collaboration we’ve always got more than we could have expected.

It can be a feature of age, but the fact that they accept tips, ideas and are open to new proposals, thanks us, and makes us want to continue working with them.

You cand find on their website, at very good prices, roll-ups, pop-up spiders, flags etc but also they can create posters, badges, T-shirts, pens etc. useful in hotels sphere and elsewhere.

And as I said above, they will accept your proposals for work , in the field of print, pattern, design, promotional materials, canvas, vinyl, etc.

Because they, like us, believe in collaboration and in the win-win strategies, they will provide you an advantageous discount on any order, if you mention that you’ve find out about this discount, upon reading this article.

In conclusion, I’ll leave here their Facebook page, where you can track prices, offers and useful articles.

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