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Hostels around the world – from Bucharest 2 Sidney

Hostels around the world – from Bucharest 2 Sidney

Crazy Duck Hostel travel around the world – Hostelworld Conference 2015 Dublin

It was quite a challenge for Crazy Duck Hostel – standing for Bucharest hostels at Hostelworld conference in Dublin. From more than 500 delegates all over the world I was surprised to be the only representative from Bucharest; in fact from all Romania was just us and Transylvania Hostel from Cluj.

You may think that these facts make me proud! Wrong! In fact I begin to understand why there is such a big difference between the hostels market in other countries and Romania. There is a sad statistic but maybe this will be a wake-up call. So, let’s see the facts:

  • In Europe the trend in hostel business is to open big hostels; there is a increasing market with more than 15% each year.
  • Travelers prefer to stay in a hostel and get the best social activities rather staying in a hostel.

So right in this moment Generator Hostels is opening its new hostel in Paris with about 900 beds! Amazing, considering that in Bucharest the biggest hostel has 80 beds!

Another issue is that hostel managers around the world are anxious to meet each other and share their experience in order to get a global improvement of this business. This is not the situation in Romania – excepting a few professionals who stand up for this business rest of the hostel owners are just trying to destroy their competition!!! They are so dumb that they don’t realize that, for example, in Bucharest hostel market there is still enough place for more then 50-60 new hostels without creating any prejudice to the existing ones.

I am waiting with great hope for next years in this market for Bucharest hostels. I am sure that Bucharest will increase the number of backpackers year by year. And soon we will be able to compare our market with other Eastern European capitals. We’ll see. Till then we just don’t have to forget the motto of Hostelworld conference:  ‘Engage tourists to become travelers’. This will be our new purpose at Crazy Duck Hostel. If we’ll be able to create great memories to our tourists than Bucharest  still have a chance to become one great attraction point for travelers around the world.

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