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Bucharest will be the capital of classical music – George Enescu Festival 2015

Bucharest will be the capital of classical music – George Enescu Festival 2015

George Enescu was the first Romanian composer whose music belongs to the universal cultural heritage
A genius. A free man. A genuine modern spirit, not only for fashion’s sake. A man of his word. A character. George Enescu, the first Romanian composer who crossed the threshold into the universal cultural heritage, loved equally the cockcrow, the folkloric tones and the thrilling Wagnerian chords. Furthermore, he merged them inimitably and miraculously in his creation, making possible this way not only his ascend from national to universal, but also his worldwide recognition amongst the greatest composers in the world.

What makes George Enescu a pioneer is precisely the fact that he is the first Romanian composer who transcended the national cultural heritage by reinterpreting Romanian traditional cultural elements, entwined with the finest influences of the international music, in a distinctive and matchless way.

For almost a month Bucharest will become the capital of classical music – between 30th Aug and 20th Sept 2015 the greatest orchestras from the world will be on the stage of Romanian Athenaeum or Palace Hall. There will be a great joy for all music lovers – and we must say this, at very affordable ticket prices.

Just to have a general idea the single tickets will be between 40 and 200 LEI (from as low as 9 EUR!!!) going to seasonal tickets for Great Orchestras of the World between 1000 and 2200 LEI.

For backpackers who wish to come in Bucharest during this period we recommend accommodation in Crazy Duck Hostel Bucharest, close to all festival venues, at just 8 min walking distance from the Revolution Square, The Palace Hall, Romanian Athenaeum.

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